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rough diamond ring handmade in Australia by SHAZOEY


We use a range of precious metals and gemstones in our jewellery. 
Have a read below to learn more about the materials used and how to care for your pieces.

Gold filled jewellery contains a real layer of gold that is ‘pressure bonded’ to a core metal using pressure and heat, and contains at least 5% of gold by weight. Gold filled pieces have a gold layer that is much thicker than gold plated pieces and should last as long as solid 14ct gold jewellery if well cared for, at a fraction of the price. Safe for most with sensitive skin.

Gold vermeil is a base of sterling silver plated with gold. Our gold and rose gold vermeil initial tags are double plated in 22ct gold, to ensure that they will last longer than regular vermeil pieces. Store in a sealable plastic bag when not in use, because even though the gold may not tarnish, the silver underneath will. It is also natural for the gold to wear off over time, adding character to the piece. Safe for most with sensitive skin.

Sterling silver is a mixture of pure silver and usually copper. Wear often or store in sealable plastic bags to prevent tarnish. If tarnished, use a silver cloth to gently buff. Safe for most with sensitive skin.

The plating may wear off as it is only a coating. Store in sealable plastic bags to prevent tarnish. As for plated items, clean only if you absolutely must. We suggest using a cotton ball or soft cotton cloth and do so gently.

Hot water, harsh chemicals, perfumes and cleaners should be avoided at all times. After wearing, wipe your precious gemstone jewellery gently with the cloth provided or with any untreated, dry, soft microfibre cloth. 

Refer to our more extensive care guide here.