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Care guide

Dust, pollution, cosmetics and perfumes will cloud the brilliance of a gemstone and dull the surface of your jewellery.

Jewellery should always be removed prior exercising, swimming, showering, and sleeping. Please remove rings before washing your hands. This will prolong the life and lustre of your pieces.

After wearing, give your jewellery a gentle wipe using the cloth provided and store in the pouch separately to other pieces when not in use.

There may be times when your pieces will require a gentle clean. Use warm water and a few drops of mild hand soap to clean your jewellery. You may use a soft toothbrush or cotton cloth to scrub gently, and never with tissue or any paper-based materials. Only spot clean pieces with gemstones, making sure that the gemstone does not come in contact with water or soap. Dry thoroughly with a cotton cloth, and buff gently with the cloth provided, making sure each piece is air dried overnight before storing away.

This will help keep your jewellery looking new.