SHAZOEY | minimalist gemstone jewellery

Sharon Tsao, owner/designer behind SHAZOEY draws her inspiration from the beauty found in nature, object and building design. The very core of her design ideology centres on form and minimalism.

For the Sydney-based Architect turned Jewellery designer, the SHAZOEY brand began from her appreciation for handmade jewellery that was quality over mass production, and timeless design over fleeting trends. Her passion and desire to create led to her experimentation with different jewellery-making techniques at home, hammering away, shaping, twisting, and putting together beautiful chains and hand-picked gemstones.

Since its launch in Autumn 2013, SHAZOEY has released several micro-collections which was built from her love for simple design. Combining the timelessness of precious metals with the radiance of semi-precious gemstones, she now has a future direction to showcase Australian gems in her designs.

Influenced by geometry, clean lines and the detailed intricacy which comes from studying Architecture, you can be assured each piece is lovingly designed and created by hand, in her little studio based in Sydney, Australia.